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Encashing my pension to France

Encashing my pension to France

Thinking of encashing your pension to France? If you hold a UK pension and are relocating to France there are many options available regarding pension management. One option which is unique to France is encashing the full amount without incurring excessive tax. If you have lived in the UK, built up a pension and are […]

Uk Pension Transfer to France

UK Pension Transfer to France – Top things to consider

If you are one of the thousands of expats who are French residents, or will be soon, it is likely you have one or more UK pensions and may be considering a UK pension transfer to France. Your unique position as an expat Upon relocating to a new country re-aligning your finances and insurances is […]

Investment income taxation France 2018

Investment Income Taxation France 2018

Investment income taxation France 2018 What are the changes in Investment income taxation France 2018? As of January 2018 tax residents of France are no longer required to pay French Wealth Tax on savings and investments. Additionally, there is a new tax rate on investment income benefits.  Below I have identified the main changes for […]

Moving to France

A financial checklist for those moving to France

So you’re thinking of moving to France in the near future? Here are some things that you should consider as an essential part of your financial planning. This is an ideal financial checklist for those who want to make France their permanent home. Check your tax status You need to work out what the different […]


Solvay restructuring – is your pension secure?

Just recently on 29th March 2018, the speciality chemicals group known as Solvay announced preparing to shed at least 600 jobs in its ongoing efforts to restructure the company. The company has approximately 24,500 employees spread across 61 countries worldwide, and said that the majority of these job losses would be in France, Portugal and […]

French expats

French Expats in Asia

French expats requiring top class, tax efficient savings and independent financial planning advice are now one of the largest demographic groups in a few parts of Asia. It may come as a surprise to many people that in certain parts of Asia, where previously the majority of expats were British this is no longer the […]

French Wealth Tax

French Wealth Tax 2018

French Wealth Tax 2018 Since January 1st 2018 the new changes to French Wealth tax are now are in force. Macron is slowly trying to modernise the country’s stance on business and investment. Consequently the current laws are indeed more in line with this view. As a result French Wealth Tax Impôt sur la Fortune […]