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transfer uk pension to france

How to transfer UK pension to France?

Are you moving to France? Retiring in France? Wondering how to transfer UK pension to France? What is the solution?… Understanding QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes) If you have savings in an existing UK pension fund but are considering retiring in France or you have retired in France, you may be wondering just how easy […]

French Wealth Tax

Living in France – Expat Financial Tips

Expat Living in France / South of France? Wondering where to start? Whether you call it the South of France or the French Riviera, when living in France the French will soon remind you that’s it’s actually called the Côte d’Azur! A topic that needs no debating among expats living in France is the lifestyle […]

buying property in france

Buying Property in France – Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Buying Property in France? Want to avoid the common pitfalls? Buying property in France is an exciting but exhausting experience. This tailored article simplifies the process and ensures purchases are completed in the most cost-effective way for yourself and not the seller or the French agent. Establish your Reasons France is famous for its relaxed lifestyle, excellent food and […]