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Financial Advice – Yachting Crew Adviser

Looking for Financial Advice Yachting Crew Adviser? As an owner, a captain or a crew member, your financial planning needs  will differ as an ‘International Citizen’. The Yachting industry requires flexible financial planning adapted to a transient lifestyle, fluctuating earnings and international career pattern. However, the combination of a significant absence of living costs, great earning […]

Good time to sell property in France?

Do you own property in France? Now’s the time to sell. As with UK property, when you sell a property in France for more than you originally bought it, a Capital Gains (CTG) is due. However, a recent overhaul of French property tax law (Jan 2015) has introduced very favourable changes for sellers. This makes now […]

Financial Advice Mougins

Looking for Financial Advice Mougins? Whether you are retired or still working, properly organising your finances in France has never been more important. Mougins is a charming commune located in the heights of Cannes, home to a range of internationals from around the world. However, it’s relaxed lifestyle does not protect its residents from the ever growing emphasis […]

Financial Advice Valbonne

Financial Advice Valbonne

Looking for Financial Advice Valbonne? Whether you are working or retired, organising your finances in France has never been more important. Valbonne is a charming commune, home to nationalities from around the world. However, it’s beauty by no means protects its residents from a growing emphasis of wealth taxation in France (ISF – Impôt de solidarité sur […]