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Capital Gains Tax (CGT) in France on Investments

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) in France on Investments

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) in France on Investments Capital Gains Tax (CGT) in France on investments is not straightforward. It’s important to understand how gains are taxed as a French resident to ensure you are reporting the correct information to the French tax authorities. How do you calculate a capital gain? A capital gain is […]

How is my UK pension taxed in France?

Assurance Vie Taxation – What you should know

Assurance Vie Taxation Assurance Vie Taxation: The French Assurance Vie is a tax-efficient investment wrapper that holds underlying investments. It is essentially a life insurance investment bond that provides tax benefits, in particular for people who hold the product long term. Considering the high tax rates in France, it’s prudent to make use of the […]

investment for expats in France

Investment for Expats in France

Investment for Expats in France Any expat living in France who has considered investing for their future will have come across an Assurance Vie. An Assurance Vie offers significant tax advantages for those who intend to retire in France. Specifically for any lump sum investment, the advantages kick in from year 4 and fully from […]

Transferring your Pension Fund from the UK to France

Moving to France from Denmark

Moving to France from Denmark If you are thinking of moving to France from Denmark, read on. We have put together all the information you need to know before going there. Key Facts About France The Capital of France is Paris. The major cities are Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Nantes, Strasbourg, Toulon and Toulouse. […]

expat guide haute vienne

Moving to Haute Vienne – Expat Guide

Are you thinking of moving to Haute-Vienne? Starting a new life in Haute-Vienne is a project that many British expats have taken on. This year, because of the uncertainty that Brexit brings, Haute-Vienne has seen the highest number of British citizens taking on the French nationality. Located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, the main city of […]