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Escape English winters and taxation when you move abroad

It’s pretty grey and miserable outside at this time of year in Britain, and what’s more the new tax year is approaching, and with it another round of taxes depleting your coffers. It’s not a terribly appealing combination, but there’s one simple way to kill both birds with one stone; moving abroad. UK taxes are […]

What are the implications of Brexit for EU expats?

British expats in Europe could be profoundly affected by the campaign to leave the EU and a vote to leave in the upcoming referendum could change the whole landscape, with many would losing healthcare rights and key benefits. More than two million British nationals live in the EU, with Spain proving the most popular destination […]

Financial Advice – Yachting Crew Adviser

Looking for Financial Advice Yachting Crew Adviser? As an owner, a captain or a crew member, your financial planning needs  will differ as an ‘International Citizen’. The Yachting industry requires flexible financial planning adapted to a transient lifestyle, fluctuating earnings and international career pattern. However, the combination of a significant absence of living costs, great earning […]

Good time to sell property in France?

Do you own property in France? Now’s the time to sell. As with UK property, when you sell a property in France for more than you originally bought it, a Capital Gains (CTG) is due. However, a recent overhaul of French property tax law (Jan 2015) has introduced very favourable changes for sellers. This makes now […]

Financial Advice Mougins

Looking for Financial Advice Mougins? Whether you are retired or still working, properly organising your finances in France has never been more important. Mougins is a charming commune located in the heights of Cannes, home to a range of internationals from around the world. However, it’s relaxed lifestyle does not protect its residents from the ever growing emphasis […]