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Harrison Brook Paris – HB France opens new office

Harrison Brook France continues it’s impressive growth in France with Harrison Brook Paris – further serving the expat community with transparent and trusted expat financial advice

We’ve recently opened a new office to offer you much-needed financial advice in Paris expanding our South of France team. Harrison Brook Paris aims to expand on our success and further serve the expats in Paris and the surrounding area

Are you one of the estimated 8,529 Brits living in Paris, according to recent stats from INSEE? Or perhaps you’re one of the many expats in Paris looking to move further afield – in 2013, 153,000 Brits were living throughout France. If so, we’re here to help at Harrison Brook Paris.

Expats in Paris

Expats & Brits in Paris, are not only facing the complex matter of another entirely different language, but there are also many cultural barriers and financial hurdles to overcome. It doesn’t need to be stressful though. From French tax planning to your retirement, pensions to mortgages, and more – we’ve got the services you need to get you through the challenging legalities and documentation.

Whether you working on a long or short term contract in Paris, or fallen in love with Paris and are starting a new life. When it comes to your retirement planning or retirement, there are a number of ways in which Harrison Brook Paris can support you as a expat in Paris.

One of the key services is transferring your UK pension abroad – either through QROPS (a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) or SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension). This can be crucial for keeping you financially afloat and effective international pension management.

We can also help you with portable expat retirement planning advice in France, and guidance on how much you can withdraw from your pension tax efficiently in France.

You may also have a number of other more general financial needs, including ensuring you have expat life insurance. This not only helps you, but also supports your family should something serious occur and they need to repatriate your body or pay off any outstanding debts. It helps to protect them as much as you. We can additionally support you with off-shore current accounts, international mortgages for French properties, and foreign exchange rates.

Finally, we can also support you with your savings plans. It is always important to have money set aside for a rainy day. At Harrison Brook Paris, we can guide you on making lump sum investments via our low cost investment platform, as well as building a secure and reliable that we can also manage on your behalf.

The key to making your move to Paris successful is simply through being prepared for every eventuality and the new Harrison Brook Paris Team, contact us today or visit us at 6 Avenue Franklin D Roosevelt, Paris, France