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If you’re an expat or planning to become one, it’s important to consider your life insurance options. With the right policy, you can ensure that your loved ones are cared for in the event of your untimely death. By working with Harrison Brook France, you can find an expat life insurance policy that meets your needs and provides peace of mind.

Obtaining life insurance as an expat can be challenging, as local policies may not provide adequate coverage or may be difficult to obtain. This is where we come in. Harrison Brook can help you find policies that are tailored to the unique needs of expats. These policies can provide global coverage and allow policyholders to choose their preferred currency, making it easier to manage finances across borders.

Key Benefits of Expat Life Insurance

Expat life insurance from Harrison Brook
  • International cover when travelling for business or pleasure
  • Insure up to 20x your current salary (up to $1,500,000)
  • Capped cover available up to $160,000 (if not currently working)
  • Cover is annually renewable from age 18 to 64 (premiums are age related)
  • No further underwriting once cover is in place unless benefit levels increase

Who is Eligible for Expat Life Insurance?

Life Insurance is available to expatriates of all nationalities, and your family will benefit from a lump cash sum if you were to pass away before the age of 65.

What Does Expat Life Insurance Cover?

Depending on the type of insurance contract, other events such as terminal illness or critical illness can also trigger payment. Critical illness and life insurance may, therefore, be combined with one another.

Why Take Life Insurance Cover?

If you have financial dependents, then you should consider very carefully whether you are adequately insured should you die prematurely. Purchasing life Insurance is a proactive and realistic approach to protecting those you care about after you are gone. If your children have yet to enter higher education, how able will your family be to support them throughout their studies? Other costs may be manageable, but higher education’s rising costs are unlikely to be affordable.

Global Coverage

One of the main benefits of expat life insurance is that it provides global coverage. This means that the policyholder and their family are covered no matter where they are in the world. This is particularly important for expats who may be living in countries with limited access to healthcare or where medical treatment is expensive.

Flexibility and Portability

Life insurance policies are often more flexible and portable than domestic ones. They can be tailored to the policyholder’s specific needs and can be easily transferred from one country to another. This is particularly important for expats who may move frequently or are unsure how long they will live abroad.

Financial Security

Life insurance provides financial security to the policyholder and their family in case of a serious illness, injury, or death. This can help to alleviate the financial burden that can arise from unexpected medical expenses or the loss of a primary breadwinner. Expat life insurance can also provide peace of mind to the policyholder and their family, knowing that they are protected in the event of an emergency.

Allow yourself some peace of mind by ensuring you have the necessary protection with a global life insurance policy.

Expat Life Insurance

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  • "I found my personal private client adviser Ryan Frost to be very efficient, knowledgeable and helpful. I will not hesitate to recommend his services to others."

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