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Where do you reside?

In just a few steps, we can recommend a suitable investment portfolio. We need to know the area you reside in, your preferred currency and your attitude to risk.

Why Does My Location Matter?

Depending on your location we have created different portfolios with specific funds or ETFs.

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What would be your preferred currency?

Why Is Currency Important?

Currency is important when investing because it can affect the value of an investment. For example, if an investor holds assets denominated in a foreign currency and that currency depreciates against their home currency, the value of their investment will decrease.

Similarly, if the foreign currency appreciates, the value of the investment will increase. Additionally, currency fluctuations can also affect the cash flow of an investment, such as dividends or interest payments. Understanding and managing currency risk is an important aspect of investing.

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What is your attitude to risk?

What does “risk level” mean?

Risk level is an important concept to consider when investing. It is a measure of the uncertainty and volatility of possible returns.

Investing involves taking some degree of risk, and understanding how much risk is involved allows investors to make more informed decisions. The greater the risk involved, the greater the potential return; however, there is also a greater possibility that the investment could lose value.

Your Results

Based on the information you’ve entered, we believe these are the most suitable portfolios for you. We recommend discussing with a qualified financial adviser your investment goals and requirements when starting your investing journey.

Those portfolios are proprietary and can only be used by Harrison Brook.

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