David Naughton

Financial Adviser - EU & Global

David Naughton is an accomplished financial adviser specialising in serving expats particularly in the Luxembourg area. With a career spanning several years, David has gained extensive experience and knowledge in international finance, having worked at renowned institutions such as the International Financial Advisory Company and AES International.

David holds professional qualifications, including the esteemed ACSI (Associate of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment), laying a strong foundation for his career in financial advisory. His dedication to understanding the unique needs of expats has earned him a reputation as a trusted adviser within the community.

At Harrison Brook, David brings his wealth of expertise to assist expatriates in navigating the complexities of managing their wealth across borders. Whether clients seek guidance on retirement planning, investment strategies, or estate planning, David’s personalised approach ensures they receive tailored solutions aligned with their financial goals.

David’s commitment to excellence, coupled with his passion for empowering expats to achieve financial security, makes him a valuable asset to his clients. Through transparent and client-centric advice, he endeavors to provide peace of mind and clarity in the ever-changing landscape of expat finance.

Why We Love France

  1. What do you love about France?

    Cheese, Wine & skiing in the Alps

  2. What is your favourite French city?


  3. What is your favourite French word?

    Parapluie - Umbrella

  4. What is your favourite restaurant in France?

    L’Entrecôte in Paris

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