Madelyne Prowse

Administrative Manager

Madelyne Prowse, originally from Brisbane, Australia, relocated to France in 2019.

Her diverse career includes roles as a Finance & Administration Assistant Manager, an Assistant Operations Manager in the tourism industry, a Campaign Manager in tech and telco, and a Senior Digital Sales Executive.

She excels in managing complex responsibilities, fostering client relationships, and achieving results.

Madelyne’s dedication extends to personal growth, as she’s currently pursuing an MBA from the Australian Business Institute.

From September 2023, Madelyne joins Harrison Brook as Administrative Manager, bringing her wealth of experience to a new chapter in her dynamic career.

Why We Love France

  1. What do you love about France?

    I love how diverse each region in France is. I also love being able to live within walking distance to the sea, and that I can see snow only an hour away.

  2. What is your favourite French city?

    I really love Nice, but I also have really enjoyed visiting Bayonne and Lyon.

  3. What is your favourite French word?

    Soleil - Sun

  4. What is your favourite restaurant in France?

    Peixes or Bocca in Nice

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