Ryan Frost

Ryan founded Harrison Brook in June 2013 having worked in the international financial services industry in Belgium and the Netherlands. After several years working for AES International and living abroad himself, he noticed that there was a real need for high-quality, regulated, fee-based and transparent financial advice globally. After this experience, Ryan decided there has to be a better way and he started on creating Harrison Brook. Through a focus on modern advisory technology and multi jurisdictional/cross-border licensing. Ryan and Harrison Brook have been able to reach more and more cross-border expats, and international workers whose pension and investment options had previously been limited to outdated and opaque solutions. Ryan’s vision for Harrison Brook is a continued focus on advice best practices, online advice, and keeping costs low for clients. An adviser also himself, Ryan’s area of expertise is a cross-border wealth management and UK pension transfers.  Not in work, Ryan is a family man, living with his wife Sabrina and daughter Julia in the South of France.


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Why We Love France

  1. What do you love about France?

    The slower pace of life

  2. What is your favourite French city?


  3. What is your favourite French word?

    Avec plaisir - Gladly

  4. What is your favourite restaurant in France?

    Michelangelo in Antibes

Articles by Ryan Frost

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