International Mortgages for French Property

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Looking for an International Mortgage for a Property in France?

Famous for its relaxed lifestyle, agreeable climate and superb cuisine and wine, France is an attractive destination for many expatriates and retirees.

Buying a house in France is certainly an exciting step for any individual or family. Finding the international mortgage, most suited to your personal situation can however, be challenging.

Important decisions must be taken in regards to the country and currency of your mortgage. Macroeconomic factors including projected base rates and currency stability must be taken into account, but the decision is also an individual matter.

Thoughtful assessment of which currencies your future sources of income are likely to come from and what your long-term plans for the property are crucial in attaining the best long term deal.

The is rarely a black and white decision though and varies dramatically with peoples personal financial arrangements. As such, seeking expert mortgage advicevariety of currencies.

With access to the very best international mortgages for people buying property in France, deals available we are able to offer and arrange:

  • Fixed, variable interest, capped and variable Loan-to-Value mortgage structures
  • Residential, holiday and investment property mortgages
  • Finance for commercial properties
  • Loans of up to 80% of purchase price or property valuation
  • Loan term of up to 25 years subject to repayment by age of 75 years
  • Introduction to bilingual solicitors to protect your interests
  • Advice irrespective of your location or the property region in France

We also offer the opportunity to review your existing international mortgage arrangements against the current market and Harrison Brook can tell you if you are getting the best possible deal. Perhaps you are on a variable rate and see this period of low-interest rates as the perfect opportunity to ‘lock in’ a low fixed rate for the coming years.

How do you get started?

Whatever your enquiry, visit our Get started page today and an international mortgage expert will be in touch to discuss which mortgage deal would be best suited to your individual circumstances.