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The UK Goverment have now made it possible to trace lost pensions to help savers find lost or forgotten pension pots. The Department of Work and Pensions estimates that there's a staggering £5bn ($7.32bn, €6.56bn) of lost pensions waiting to be claimed.

Harrison Brook provide a free pension tracing service to help reunite savers with their lost pensions.

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Let Harrison Brook do all the hard work in finding your lost pensions

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The Harrison Brook Pension Tracing Service

“Do you have a lost pension? If unsure, use the free Pension Tracing Service to find out and reclaim your lost pension.”

Indepedent customer reviews for Harrison Brook, independent financial advisers Ensuring you have enough saved for a prosperous retirement is likely the greatest fiscal challenge workers in the UK and Abroad are being confronted with. Be that as it may, with the average worker having a few bosses during their lifetime, it’s anything but difficult to forget about an old pension. It’s imagined that over £5 billion is currently lying unclaimed in private or workplace pensions and extra state pensions. Is any of this lost pension yours? Fortunately, there’s a simple place to begin if you’re looking to locate lost pensions – visit the pension tracing service.

To plan for your retirement, you have to make sense of how much income you’ll get from all your pensions, including workplace or personal plans, and the State Pension. It’s very simple to get this information using the pension tracing service – including a pension you may have lost track of for decades.

What is a pension scheme?

In straightforward terms, a pension scheme is just a kind of savings plan to assist you to save money when you retire. It is a tax-friendly way to save money in the course of your employment history. Businesses control some pension schemes; others you can set up yourself by contacting a provider directly.

Who can help with my lost pension scheme?

If you require help you can trust, Harrison Brook, are a financial advice company that provides financial counsel to expats around the globe. Harrison Brook provides ongoing pension guidance and management to expats. Whether you’re looking for a lost pension, a plan for retirement, education fee funding, insurance or foreign exchange, Harrison Brook have you covered.

What is the process like?

Many forget about pensions in the wake of changing jobs, moving house or misplacing important paperwork – conceivably leaving thousands of pounds unclaimed.

This is where Harrison Brook’s Pension Tracing Service becomes possibly the most important service in reclaiming your lost pension. It is a free service that is controlled by Government. It has a portfolio of more than 200,000 pension schemes to peruse and locate your lost pension. Have as much info in hand before using the Pension Tracing Service.

Information such as; your plan number, your date of birth, your National Insurance number, the date you started work with the business, the date you quit working there, the dates you joined and left the pension scheme, and so on.

If you want to locate a missing workplace pension – then your first point of contact ought to be the business. However, if your manager granted access to a personal or stakeholder scheme, then you ought to contact the pension provider if you know their details. If you don’t have the pension provider’s details, ask your former boss – they ought to provide the details. For a lost personal pension scheme, contact the provider if you know which pension provider your pension was with.

If you find yourself still struggling with your missing workplace or personal pension – perhaps because you can’t find the contact details of an old boss, or you don’t have the foggiest idea about the provider of an old personal pension – you can get in touch with the Pension Tracing Service.

Is it possible I might have a lost pension?

One in five people using our Pension Tracing Service find lost cash, so it merits checking. There’s over £400m in unclaimed pension funds and some of that could be yours. If you’re certain you had one, Harrison Brook’s financial advisers will do their best to trace your lost pension.


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