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effect of Brexit on property in France

The Effect of Brexit on Property in France

The Effect of Brexit on Property For most, buying a property is the largest investment you will make. After years of saving, mortgage repayments and renovation your property is yours. But, what happens when trade agreements, free movement rights and national relationships are at stake? Is your property safe? How will Brexit effect expat property […]

affect of Brexit on expats in France

How will Brexit Effect Expats in France

Brexit For well over a year now, a hot topic on every expats mind is Brexit. The historic event saw the trigger of Article 50 and whilst delays have been frequent in the process, Britain is expected to have left the EU by 2019. 2019 is not far away. With 1.3 million Britons living in […]

expat investing and saving

Saving and Investing as an expat

How to save and invest as an expat If you’re an expat living abroad, working hard (and playing hard), it’s important to continue to save. Perhaps you want a new car, a swimming pool, or just want a nice pot should anything unexpected pop up. But how can you go about saving overseas? Is it […]

Exchange your money to Euros – The Expat Guide.

Moving abroad can be a daunting process. There’s a lot to think about and organise. Bank accounts, mortgages, pension transfers, taxes, the list goes on…. But hugely importantly is your money. How can you exchange your hard earned cash without losing out due to exchange rates? Can you be sure you’re receiving the true value […]

how to open a bank account france

Opening a bank account in France – Offshore current account

Direct debits, contactless payments, money tracking. These are just a few of the reasons we need a bank account. Some airlines have even stopped accepting cash payments. I’m sure that back home you had your favourite bank which you’d been with for years. But where does this leave you when you decide to move overseas? […]

assurance vie

UK Pension Transfers for expats living in France

So you’ve made the move to France and who can blame you? Great wine, great food, picturesque landscapes and a relaxed lifestyle. But, what happens to your finances when you move overseas? How can you access your pension, open a current account, exchange large amounts of money, grow savings and, importantly, buy a property? I’m […]

Riviera Radio

Moving to Monaco – Top 7 Facts

Here’s what you should know about life in Monaco…. Many people see Monaco as a tax break. And it is. However, if you are a foreign national living in Monaco but earning your income outside of it, you must pay tax. Another taxation law is that business profit tax is payable. However, only if the […]

Taxes in France. Tax in France

Paying your tax in France.

Paying your taxes in France So, you’ve relocated and decided to live the French dream. But, in the country where you can benefit from great wine, skiing and beautiful beaches, how do you go about your taxes? Who must pay taxes As a resident of France, you must pay tax. You are classed as a […]

Renewing your Carte De Sejour in France?

Renewing your Carte De Sejour in France? As an expat in France who hasn’t quite mastered the beautiful language of love, even the simplest of tasks can become eventful. There are now more Brits in France than ever before. Brexit is quickly approaching and so the number of British expats in France has risen dramatically. The […]


Escape English winters and taxation when you move overseas

It’s pretty grey and miserable outside at this time of year in Britain, and what’s more the new tax year is approaching, and with it another round of taxes depleting your coffers. It’s not a terribly appealing combination, but there’s one simple way to kill both birds with one stone; moving abroad. UK taxes are […]