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Finding an Independent Financial Adviser in Nice, France

Independent Financial Adviser in Nice

Looking for an Independent Financial Adviser in Nice? Are you a UK expat moving to Nice and looking for investment help? The financial landscape here in France can be complex and confusing, and finding your way through it can be a challenge – that’s why you need an independent financial advisor (IFA). 

Why an Independent Financial Advisor in Nice?

The key word here is ‘independent’ – it’s advice that’s free from any sort of hidden agenda. There are no corporate targets that need to be met where advisers are obligated to push products to clients (whether they’re suitable or not) – and instead of waiting for ages trying to get through an automated phone system to find someone to talk to, you’ll usually have a direct line straight to your adviser. 

And that’s the most important thing – having a dedicated adviser just for you, that can make the time to get to know you and your financial situation, which means that they can offer tailored investment advice that is unique to your situation and can achieve your short, medium and long-term goals. 

That’s where we come in – the team here at Harrison Brook is dedicated to helping expats navigate the complex financial issues that comes with living and retiring abroad. Tackling these things may seem quite daunting and challenging – but we take pride in helping clients find solutions that meet their needs and make life just a little bit easier.

You can read more about finding a financial adviser here.

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Can’t I just use a UK-based IFA?

In short – no. After Brexit, most UK firms will not advise non-UK residents as they would be unable to ‘passport’ their services outside the country (as of December 2020). ‘Passporting’ used to allow cross-border collaborations and instructions between advisers and clients as the FCA was bound by the same shared rules and regulations as the rest of Europe. 

As we left the single market these shared rules no longer apply and we can no longer continue to enjoy the benefits that came with membership. There will be instances where some firms have had arrangements made to continue to work within the EU, but the majority will now refuse new business with anyone who isn’t resident in the UK.

Is an Independent Financial Adviser in Nice expensive?

It depends! A lot of advisers will use an underlying commission-based structure when they invest your money – which means your fees may be higher than you initially thought. More importantly, they might not be completely honest or upfront about these fees – which leaves potential clients uninformed about what they’re getting into.

So I need to find a cost-effective, non-UK IFA that is not commission-based and has the experience needed to advise expats?

Sounds impossible? But that’s why we’re here – Harrison Brook was set up by and for the expat community and to help tackle the complex labyrinth of problems frequently faced – from pension access to investment solutions. We are not remunerated by commissions – so our advisers will always make decisions that are in your best interests. Our online-based, low-fee approach is perfect for expat investors who are looking to keep their costs low and fully reap the rewards of their investments.

Based in our Villeneuve-Loubet office, about a ten-minute drive from Nice, all members of our team are expats themselves who are all personally familiar with the transition process of settling in France. Not only that, they have a successful track record of assisting expats with the financial issues they face.

If you’ve recently settled in Nice and you’re looking for advice, or if any of the above sounds familiar and you’re looking for some help – do please get in touch using our get started form.

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